About Us

British Lyceum has launched its operations in Pakistan. It is a company incorporated and is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

British Lyceum is the unique mix of education and technology. It has eminent educationists and technologists on the board of directors.

Patrons of British Lyceum:

Unicef has declared educational emergency after the pandemic. The estimation is that more than 30 million children will stop getting education after the pandemic. Following is the list of executives, educators who are our patrons and are aligned with our vision and mission and are going to have a joint venture with British Lyceum, tentatively

Sr Name Profession Country of Residence
1 American Lyceum, USA
2 American Lyceum, Muscat Oman
3 Cambridge Global UK
4 Mr. Khurshid Ali Khan Lodhi Businessman UK
5 Mr. Khurram Mumtaz Businessman UK
6 Mr. Junair Basir Engineer USA
7 Mr. Kashif Nadeem Engineer USA
8 Mr. Michael Montenegro Educator USA
9 Mr. Aslam Khan Executive UAE
10 Mr. Ahmet Karim Educator Turkey
11 Dr. Muhammad B. Mustafa Educator Turkey
12 Ms. Nigar Jahangirova Educator Azerbaijan
13 Mr. Shakeel A. Malik Businessman Pakistan
14 Mr. Arshad Ali Khan Lawyer/Businessman Oman
15 Mr. Nasir Al Raqadi Businessman Oman
16 Mr. Yahya Al Asri Businessman Oman
17 Mr. Hemat Mostafa Educator Egypt
18 Ms. Sadiya Mokhtar Businesswoman USA
19 Mr. Imran Qaiser Businessman Germany
20 Mr. Abdul Nasir Khan Engineer Australia
21 Dr. Mumtaz Baig Doctor Pakistan
22 Dr. Riffat Sultan Doctor Pakistan
23 Mr. Atif Ali Khan Engineer Australia
24 Mr. Gala Radinovic Educator Malta
25 Mr. Saffiullah Baig Businessman Australia
26 Mr. Riaz ul Hassan Businessman Singapore
27 Mr. Ahsen Reza Engineer Pakistan
28 Mr. Hisham Abid Engineer Pakistan
29 Mr. Haseeb Riaz Businessman Pakistan
30 Mr. Khurram Khan Businessman Pakistan
31 Mr. Abdul Qadoos Businessman Pakistan
32 Mr. Mustafa Al Rahbi Businessman Oman
33 Ms. Olena Gaforov Educator Oman
34 Ms. Aira Casteria Educator Oman
35 Mr. Mazharullah Saleemi Engineer Pakistan
36 Mr. Saqib Sajjad Engineer UAE
37 Mr. Muhammad Aslam Businessman Bahrain
38 Mr. Malik Rashid Kakar Educator Pakistan
39 Mr. Hussain A. Hameed Al-Shehab Businessman Bahrain
40 Prof. Abdul Qadoos Educator Pakistan
41 Mr. Kashif Iqbal Businessman Pakistan
42 Mr. Shehbaz Ahmed Engineer Pakistan
43 Dr. Dwi Rizka Agustin Doctor Indonesia
44 Mr. Rashid Saleem Educator Pakistan
45 Mr. Muhsin Ali Educator Turkey
46 Mr. Imran Zakria Educator UAE
47 Ms. Olga Firsova Business Executive UAE
48 Dr. Mustang Ahmed Educator UAE
49 Mrs. Tahira Nasreen Educator Pakistan
50 Mr. Akhtar Javed Lawyer Pakistan
51 Mr. Ahsen J. Khan Engineer USA
52 Mr. Ishaq A. Malik Businessman Pakistan
53 Ms. Sumaira Waseem Educator Pakistan
54 Mr. Zahoor Nasir Khan Lawyer Pakistan
55 Mr. Hassan Zahoor Lawyer Pakistan
56 Mr. Abdul Basit Businessman Pakistan
57 Mr. Patras Bhatti Businessman Pakistan
58 Mr. Haroon Bhatti Businessman Pakistan
59 Mr. Musadiq Hussain Businessman Pakistan
60 Mr. Sajjad Saleem Businessman Pakistan
61 Mr. Alamgeer Khan Businessman Pakistan
62 Mr. Aashir Ali Engineer Pakistan
63 Mr. Muhammad Ali Mian Engineer Pakistan
64 Mr. Abid Shah Businessman Pakistan
65 Mr. Nawabzada Kamran Khan Businessman Pakistan


British Lyceum is a distinct entity from Cambridge Assessment International Education. British Lyceum neither claims nor feels any requirement of working as a registered/affiliated centre of Cambridge Assessment International Education.