Selection Process


In online education, the backbone of the system is the quality of teachers. Efficient teacher recruitment, proper deployment, and utilization are necessary to ensure good professionalism.  As the quality of education purely depends upon the selection of teachers, British Lyceum ensures that this process is completed with highest efficiency and quality standards providing with the best mentors for education.

Teaching Streams:

British Lyceum has identified three teaching streams

British Lyceum Gold:

In this stream Cambridge Curriculum will be taught, which is obviously in English.

British Lyceum Platinum:

In this stream International curriculum like IB and American Curriculum will be taught.

Total Vacancies:

Currently we are offering 350 positions in Fall-2020. This number will be increased to 1000 gradually. In the next intake, if you are not selected in this intake, you don’t need to apply again and you will be considered again.

Ranking of Teachers:

In every stream every teacher will be categorized as teachers and assistant teachers. After this categorization teachers will be awarded stars. The stars will be given from one to five.

Criteria of Ranking of Teachers:

Step: 1: Initial Scrutiny of Applicants:

In Step-1 applicants will be scrutinized by the Selection Board comprising the team of professional and experienced educators. Preevaluation team will shortlist applicants with incomplete profiles and they will be intimated to complete profile.

Step: 2: Taking Certificates and Degrees:

The applicants who will successfully pass Step:1 will move to step-2. In this step the degrees/certificates, as claimed by the applicant in the initial profile will be sought. Applicants will be sent email to upload the copies of their certificates and degrees on the reserved portal. 

Besides degrees, candidates will be required to upload the experience certificates of the job experiences as claimed by the applicant in the initial form.  In this stage all applicants documents will be verified. If the company thinks some certificate needs to be verified from the relevant board of university, the company will have the right to verify all certificates. No additional amount will be required from applicants for this verification. If any certificate is found bogus or tempered, that candidate will be blacklisted.

Step: 3: Sample Lecture:

In this step all applicants will be given a topic according to their 1st preference of subject, as given by them in the profile. They will be required to record a 5 minute lecture on this topic and send the link of that lecture. 

Two days' deadline will be given to the candidates to record this lecture. After the receiving of the sample lecture link the team of expert educations will judge the video lecture.  The sample lecture will be judged on the following criteria:

Quality of Video:

Identification of Learning Objective

Learning Objective Attained.

Involvement of students

Step: 4: Live Interview:

After the completion of the step 3, if the Selection Board will feel the need of having a live one to one interview.  Then the live one to one interview will be conducted by one of the members of the team. For this step, an email will be sent to the applicant and a time of two days will be given to prepare for the interview.  If the Selection Board is not satisfied, then the applicant may be called for the physical interview. If the final interview is conducted, it will be conducted in the registered office of the company situated in Lahore.

Step: 5: Final Ranking:

Based on the information gathered from the first four steps stars will be given to the applicants in each category. The category and stars will be given according to the following criteria.

Categories and Criteria:

Assistant Teacher:

If experience of teaching is less than two years.


If experience of teaching is two years or more.

Stars Ranking:

In each category, named Assistant Teachers and Teachers, applicants will be ranked and given stars from 1 to 5. We will be using Artificial Intelligence and using Algorithms to give tentative stars to teachers. Following factors are considered in the profiling of teachers.

  • School from where got secondary education (matric/ O Level)
  • College from where graduated.
  • University from where graduated.
  • Institution in which have worked.
  • Number of years of Experience
  • Ranking Institutions:

    In order to do the profiling and ranking of teachers, our team will rank the school and institutions from where they have studied or worked. In order to get this information the selection committee will see the final reputation of the institution and the HEC ranking as well.

    Updating the Ranks:

    After the award of the ranks, the profile of the teachers will be made available to all registered students who will be able to see that record and choose teachers according to their liking. Once online teaching starts, students and parents will be ranking teachers at the end of every lecture and the evaluation of students and input from the company will be included in the profile/rank of the teacher.

    Appeal for the Granted Rank:

    The decision of the ranking is appealable. Any applicant can send the request to review the ranking. This request will go to the Review Committee and the Review Committee will review the ranking of the applicant.

    Preference in Hiring:

    If someone is not hired in the first batch, he/she will be preferred for a job in other collaborating institutions in Pakistan.


    All applicants will be given ranks according to their qualification, experience and lecture delivery. If some applicant will not be upto the mark, he/she will be offered Proficiency Courses to overcome his/her weaknesses.

    Annual Service Charges:

    Teachers will be required to pay USD 10 annually as Service and Subscription Charges, adjustable against their good performance, the details of which have given below. In the first year, the processing fee will be treated as the Annual Service Charges and no additional payment will be required in the first year. In these charges British Lyceum will provide the following services and facilities to the teachers:

    Students’ Pool:

    Presently British Lyceum has got a student pool of more than 70,000 students from contractual arrangements with individuals and educational institutions, out of which some 8000 have been put in the process of shortlisting. The number of the said shortlisted students has been planned to reach more than 20,000 at the end of first year. British Lyceum has rigorous plans to enlarge this pool to cross the psychological data of 100,000 students with extensive and rigorous projection of our educational and teaching facilities.

    Advertisement Services:

  • Teacher’s profile will be advertised/made available to students.
  • Teacher’s salient results will be provided to the students.
  • Teacher’s status will remain active, subject to the fulfilling the teaching policies of British Lyceum.
  • Credential and Ranking  Services:

  • British Lyceum will rank all teachers and will evaluate their teaching performance. 
  • Every six months the ranking of the teachers will be done and ranks will be revised.
  • Academic and Backup  Services:

  • British Lyceum will provide the system to teach online. 
  • British Lyceum will provide services to record lecture and will keep the lectures saved in the British Lyceum database. 
  • British Lyceum will provide the memory space to create and save lectures. 
  • British Lyceum will keep the record of the students. 
  • Teachers will not have to bother for the students’ record management.  
  • General lesson plans of already added subjects will be provided. 
  • British Lyceum will provide the examination services to the students.
  • Allied Services:

  • British Lyceum shall collect applicable fees from students.
  • All accounting services will be provided to the teacher online. 
  • After the fee collection, the share of the teacher will be transferred to his/her nominated account according to the agreed formula. 
  • Teacher’s status will remain active, subject to the fulfilling the teaching policies of British Lyceum.