How it Works

British Lyceum has launched one of the biggest educational initiative in the continent. Be the part of this no matter where you are located and get the monthly return ranging from USD 700 to USD 2000, provided you put the best of your input and just work for 10 to 13 hours a day online . After the application, teachers will be ranked and categorized according to their qualification, passing school, experience, working institute and the quality of the lecture delivery. They will be required to record a sample lecture and send to British Lyceum. Based on the ranking they will be given 1 to 5 stars. Student will be given the option to select teachers according to their liking and stars. Once they have selected the teachers, teachers will teach according to the lesson plans made by British Lyceum, only for the registered subjects. Teachers will be paid between 10th to 15th of the next teaching month. Teachers online teaching time will be monitored and calculated and they will be paid according to this. For the regular and key performers British Lyceum will be giving bonuses, which may go upto 10% of their total earning.

From the convenience of your home you can bring change to the world and you can change lives all around the globe. Similarly students from anywhere on the globe can get the education from the teachers of their choice. In recent years it has been acknowledged that technology has drastically changed the direction, time, and location of learning. Moreover, the typical class is also no longer limited to four walls and set hours.

British Lyceum will connect students from all around the world to the teachers regardless of their time location. This will end the exploitation of the teaching staff and the mishandling of the students. In this scenario British Lyceum has brought a drastic change in typical learning and Teaching by introducing online classrooms where you can learn from experienced teachers of the International community.First time students can choose their subject, subject Teachers and decide their timetable by themselves. Whereas it is an outstanding opportunity for teachers to join this platform to earn handsome amounts while sitting at their home without any exploitation and enhance their experience and professional skills.