Empowering Teachers

The study presents that most of teachers are affected due to their appointments, transfers, place of posting and individual promotions, rapid rate of bribery, political affiliations and interference relatively high than the merit. In many cases female teachers appointed in far flung areas where transportation is very pitiable. In addition that female teachers are overburdened with extra classes due to lack of teaching staff in primary schools, especially on one side female teachers face huge shortage of teaching and learning resources in schools and on the other hand there are smaller amount proficient development opportunities for all teachers especially for female teachers.

There are many females who have Hobson’s Choice but to work as housewives. They have very good education but they cannot join any institution on full time basis. So the British Lyceum Online system will enable them to teach according to their convenience for 1 or 2 hours as per their time availability. Similarly there are many talented persons, belonging to different walk of life who can only spare an hour or two can be the part of the national development by imparting education to students. The student will also get the opportunity to have world class teachers according to their ranking and profile.